Triple Point Palisade

Triple PointTM is a palisade security fencing system. It’s an extremely robust barrier manufactured from solid components with an aggressive pressed formed triple point top on each picket. Palisade Fencing has been used extensively throughout Europe and the UK for many years proving to be a highly successful security fence for various industrial and commercial applications which require a high level security.

Added variations include cranked-tops, razor wire and electrified toppings, additional rails and special coatings… the options are endless.

When security is critical, Triple Point is the solution provider!

  • Extremely durable, potentially lasting 50 plus years.
  • Solid steel components making it extremely difficult to cut and gives it superior Anti-Ram qualities.
  • Completely modular – if any component is damaged it can be individually replaced.
  • The triple point gives it an aggressive look and makes it extremely difficult to climb.
  • Rake-able panels to follow the contour of the property, eliminating gaps under the fence.
  • Tamper proof fasteners make it extremely difficult to remove components with conventional hand tools.
Panel Dimensions
  • Height: 2400, 3000 mm
  • Triple Point
  • Tamper Proof fasteners