Securus 358 Weldmesh Fencing

The ultimate anti-climb weldmesh fencing system. SecurusTM is traditionally used in vulnerable situations where high security absolutely essential.

The system having 4mm horizontal wires spaced less than nine millimetres apart makes it basically impossible to cut or penetrate with conventional tools. Our high-strength system is complete in fixing the weldmesh panels to specially fabricated T-posts using proof shear fasteners.

Weld mesh Fencing systems are quickly becoming recognised throughout Australia for their extremely low visual impact, allowing any intruder to be exposed.

It’s an ideal system for increased security options such as cranked or straight extensions for barbed or razor wire.

From a visual point, Securus is a very neat system and particularly uniform with the common powder-coated black finish.


  • Attractive appearance even with dense mesh.
  • Rigid flat welded mesh panels.
  • Suitable for ground bury.
  • Range of colours available .
Panel Dimensions

  • Height: 1830, 2030, 2440 mm
  • Panel Width: 2515 mm
  • Mesh Sizes: 76.5 x 12.5 mm
  • Range of colours available

Securus - final