Jagfence secures another 1000 students

Jagfence secures another 1000 students


Over 1000 students at Warwick High School are now educated and secured within the boundaries of Spearmaster™. A complete security fencing system school-1was installed, which included; automatic slide track gates, a cantilever gate and a set of double swing gates.

The system installed was 2100 high Spearmaster™ and was custom built specifically to suit the school premises. Every gate was built to match the fence line, which provided consistency in security and style!

School fencing is now seen as a requirement – without fencing the students and other occupants are vulnerable to high risks. Boundary fencing is the first means of protection to any property, it is therefore essential that you can be sure your fencing is quality and secure and serve it’s purpose!

Not only does fencing prevent harm from outside the boundaries, but Schools and other education institutes have a duty of care to safely contain students during school hours.

Spearmaster™ and our other fencing products offer a range of benefits to our Australian Schools:

  • Prevents unauthorised access to the facilities
  • Assists with vehicle and pedestrian traffic to and from the site
  • Keeps students away from dangers within the confines of the grounds
  • Helps avoid any illicit goods being passed onto the property
  • Lock up after hours will deter acts of vandalism, theft, concealment, graffiti, and fires
  • Safely retains students within the boundaries of the facility
  • and a bonus benefit – Visually enhances the appearance of the school.

School security is a passionate subject for the Jagfence staff, protection of the Australian youths is of top most priority. We work with many schools to find an ideal solution specifically for their premises.

We love to discuss your needs face to face and come up with a solution together so we both have absolutely clarity and understand of both the need and solution.

It’s a simple process to get started, call us on 1800 628 785 & we’ll meet you at site.

You can view our Spearmaster™ range here.