Zoo Security

Zoo security, animal enclosures, general fencing and crowd barrier controls – all one package with Jagfence.

Security is security after lock up hours, security for the animals from people and security for people from animals. Animal enclosures are imperative, they must be safe, secure and what’s on the other side must be visible. General fencing is also needed for lock up hours, the perimeter of the zoo, and general zoning of the zoo. Crowd barrier controls are important to prevent chaos with high volumes of people moving about.

Not only do we offer the SUPPLY and INSTALLATION of the security systems but also CONSULTATION assistance with the design and specifications. We are also willing to work with other companies to provide you with further security, being CCTV & Access Control in order to complete fill your security requirement.

Our Systems;

  • Prevent any unauthorised access to the premises after hours
  • Assists with vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow and safety
  • Prevent goods being passed through to the animal enclosures.
  • Secure animals to their enclosures
  • Are secure and yet doesn’t block any visibility

Specially designed to suit the education industry our recommended systems include:

Our innovative consultancy team can propose changes to help you cut costs, access the work area in order to safely complete the install especially in close proximity to the high traffic areas around schools while our in house manufacturing ability allows us to custom design to accommodate any special requirements for your site.

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