Industrial Fencing

Whether your industrial property is newly or not so recently built – they can still be secured at the same level. Some of the most valuable assets are stored inside industrial buildings. Some have experienced disaster through not realising their security needs.

The boundaries of industrial properties are the first and most crucial barrier for any unauthorised entrance onto the property. Jagfence has a number of systems available to help prevent any occurrences happening on Industrial properties.

Not only do we off the SUPPLY and INSTALLATION of these systems, but also CONSULTATION – assistance with choice, design and specifications. We are also willing to work with other companies to provide you with CCTV & Access Control in order to completely fill your security requirements.

Each of our systems have their own significance! During consultation we will discuss the differences between each product and come up with the best and most suited system for your property. There are different levels of vulnerability due to location and assets on the property – this will all be considered and discussed during the consultancy stage.

Our systems;

  • Prevent any unauthorised access to the facilities.
  • Reduce considerably any asset damage from any uncontrolled vehicles from nearby traffic
  • Lock up after hours will deter acts of vandalism, theft, concealment, graffiti and fire
  • Visual enhance the appearance of the property.

Some of our recommended systems include:

Our innovative consultancy team can propose changes to help you cut costs, access the work area in order to safely complete the install especially in close proximity to the high traffic areas, while our in house manufacturing ability allows us to custom design to accommodate any special requirements for your site.

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