Correctional Centres & Secure Units

If it weren’t for security, Correctional Centres and Secure Units wouldn’t be what they are. Risk is high, both of escape and other criminal behaviour, therefore imperative that every security system in place is quality, well designed, planned and fitted properly.

Jagfence would love to work in closely with you to come up with the most suitable solution for each application in view of an ideal, secure end result.

Not only do we offer the SUPPLY and INSTALLATION of your security fencing systems but also CONSULTATION assistance with the design and specifications. We are also willing to work with other companies to provide you with CCTV & Access Control in order to completely fill your security requirements.

Our systems;

  • Deter acts of vandalism, theft, concealment, graffiti and fire
  • Prevent any escaping
  • Prevent any unauthorised persons entering the property
  • Prevent any illicit goods being passed in and out of the property

Specially designed to suit the education industry our recommended systems include:

Our innovative consultancy team can propose changes to help you cut costs, access the work area in order to safely complete the install especially in close proximity to the high traffic areas around schools while our in house manufacturing ability allows us to custom design to accommodate any special requirements for your site.

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