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Exempla Mesh Black Panel 2330H x 2205W (Quantity 1-49 Sheets): $59.00
Exempla Mesh Black Panels 2330H x 2205W (Pallet Quantity of 50): $49.00
Exempla Post 60x40x3000 – Powder Coated Black: $32.00
Clamp Bar to Suit Post – Powder Coated Black: $12.00
Security Fixings (Bolt & Washer) per set: $1.10

*All prices exclude GST
All panel/post dimensions in millimetres

ExemplaTM is essentially a rigid weldmesh fencing system, or also commonly known as welded mesh fencing system. ExemplaTM is a cost effective option that conglomerates all of the important security features that are looked for in a security fence today, some of these include; low visual impact, profiled mesh and tamper proof fasteners.

Practically speaking it requires low maintenance and is an ideal cost-effective solution for high profile applications where a touch of the modern environment is seen vital.

ExemplaTM is an ideal option for places you may have considered installing chainwire. In terms of the products, Exempla compared with chainwire proves to have a significant benefits – both in security and visual means.

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More Info

More Info

Exempla having open mesh makes it difficult to damage with graffiti. It also allows what matters to stand out – it could be flashing architecture, your landscape or even an unwanted intruder – nothing is hidden by Exempla.

Unlike chainwire, any accidentally damaged panels are easily replaced and there is to need to retention wires.

Exempla has a unique fixing system, no unsightly clips and tex screws and has tamper proof fasteners – making it extremely difficult for the average person to remove fence panels.

  • High Transparency – Minimum visual impact allowing an unimpeded view of the site.
  • Modular System – Accidentally damaged panels can be easily replaced and infinite stepping of panels.
  • Appealing – Classy, powdercoated finish, graffiti resistant.
  • Large range of heights available.
Panel Dimensions
  • Height: 1930, 2330, 3730, 4130, 4530 mm
  • Panel Width: 2485 mm
  • Mesh Sizes: 200 x 55 mm
  • Wire Diameters: 5 mm verticals (horizontals and verticals)