Dulok-6 SR1

Dulok-6 SR1 is a high security fencing system often used in more vulnerable applications.

Dulok-6 SR1 is a double wired, steel, welded mesh security fencing system, which is has been tested, proven and conforms to British Standards BS1722: Part 14. It is the most cost effective system which conforms to high security standards. This system is very similar to the Dulok fencing system however has the added benefit of 3m wide panels and 5/6mm wire diameters.

Dulok-6 SR1 is preferred over other systems as it is designed to take added security toppings for higher risk applications.

  • Secured by Design accredited system
  • Anti-cut through, double wire panels
  • Highly Transparent allowing an unimpeded view of the site, not giving any cover for an intruder
  • Compatible with Active anti-intruder toppings, essential for preventing entry from the top
  • Compatible with CCTV systems
  • Panels are easily stepped to suit uneven ground forms
  • Range of colours available
Panel Dimensions
  • Height: 1830, 2030, 2430 mm
  • Panel Width: 2506, 3000 mm
  • Mesh Sizes: 200 x 50 mm
  • Easily Compatible with CCTV systems
  • Secured by Design accredited system
  • Wire Diameters: 5 mm verticals / 2 x 6 mm horizontals

Dulok-6 SR1 final